Delivering the Open Network Advantage

Company Overview

Delivering the Open Network Advantage

Terrapin Systems is the leader in open networking and a trusted partner for comprehensive networking services and solutions. Founded in 2005, our team brings decades of networking experience to help you optimize your infrastructure. We are big believers in the power of open networks to deliver new levels of performance, efficiency, and ease of management. Our vendor-agnostic approach gives us the flexibility to customize a solution for your needs and adapt that solution as your needs evolve. And thanks to our never-ending commitment to constant improvement and remaining on the forefront of networking innovation, you can count on Terrapin to architect, implement, secure, and maintain networking solutions that help your company be more competitive.

Your Team

Chris Becerra – President

Chris is fueled by a drive to be best in whatever he does. As a young runner, he proved himself on the track both with numerous trophies as well as a scholarship to San Jose State. Working in sales in the tech sector after graduation, he was consistently a top performer. And when he founded Terrapin Systems in 2005 with Michael Ferguson, his competitive drive guided the company to always be a thought leader in networking and technology implementation. Never one to take the easy path, Chris turned down the chance to be become a reseller for a major manufacturer early in the company’s history. Instead, he chose to remain vendor-agnostic so he could keep the company’s focus squarely on what’s best for customers. His determination to be the best continues to motivate and drive the entire Terrapin team and maintains the company’s focus on being the best technology partner possible.

Christi Becerra – Chief Financial Officer

A gifted leader with a sharp mind for numbers, Christi thrives on any challenge that can drive her to achieve more. With a degree in business and experience as a VP at Silicon Valley Bank, Christi joined her husband, Chris Becerra, in starting Terrapin in 2005. Their goal was to create a reseller with the best customer experience possible. They brought together an experienced team, and Christi took the lead in helping them define roles and responsibilities, as well as the processes and procedures to work together. As CFO, she works closely with the Operations Manager, the Sales Team, and the Accounting team to keep things running smoothly and keep the focus on delighting customers. But Christi claims that being a parent has been her greatest challenge – and her greatest accomplishment. An active volunteer in her daughters’ school organizations, a coach for their volleyball and track teams, Chairman of the South Bay’s Make-a-Wish Foundation, as well as an avid runner, cyclist, and triathlete, Christi continues to give to the community as much as she gives to the Terrapin team.

Cyndy Justice – Customer Care and Sales Operations Manager

Cyndy has a unique ability to balance competing needs and find innovative solutions for our clients at Terrapin Systems. Using her coordination skills and a knack for innovation, she introduced Terrapin’s co-terminus renewal system to enable customers to renew multiple support policies from different vendors at once. And her renewals tracking and management system allows customers to budget effectively and allocate funds. It’s bold ideas like these, plus a total commitment to meeting customer needs, that make Cyndy an essential part of the Terrapin team. But she doesn’t let her dedication to work take away from her personal life. As a volunteer at her church, lover of outdoor sports, and an active parent, she takes pride in living a full life.

Dan Iliff – Network Architect

With more than 30 years’ experience in IT and telecommunications, Dan knows first-hand how fundamental a company’s network can be to its success. A consultant since 2000, he’s helped companies go from start-ups to industry leaders by creating networks that meet each company’s unique needs for performance, security, efficiency, and flexibility, and also embrace the inevitable changes that lie ahead. With experience at Apple, 3Com, General Magic, InterVision Systems, and many others, he brings a sharp mind for detail. And though he’s a Silicon Valley veteran, he still comes to work each day assuming that his best work lies ahead.

Nora FitzPatrick – Marketing Manager

For Nora, it’s all about relationships – both at work and at home. At Terrapin Systems, she focuses on creating mutually beneficial marketing relationships with vendors, as well as overseeing Terrapin’s distinctive brand and staying connected to our customers. At home, she focuses on her kids and supporting their schools. In both arenas, she understand the value of a forward-thinking approach – judging solutions not only by how well they work now, but by how well they’ll work five years down the road. Her long history in the technology field has helped to shape her strategy and has helped our company grow while never wavering from a focus on what’s best for our customers today and tomorrow.

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