Delivering the Open Network Advantage

Software Defined Datacenters

More Agility and Options in the Datacenter

Just as virtualization brought greater control and visibility to storage and servers over the past decade, Terrapin’s open networking approach can now bring similar advantages to the entire datacenter. With a software-defined datacenter, services are as easy and inexpensive to provision and manage as on virtual machines, and agility is improved, so changes can be made quickly and seamlessly. Hardware requirements are reduced, bringing down complexity and capital costs, and control is centralized, simplifying management and maintenance. At the same time, performance and efficiency get a vital boost.

Open to Business Advantage

A software-defined datacenter is ready for today’s challenges and scalable for what lies ahead. The Terrapin team has architected private, public, and hybrid clouds for some of the most mission-critical datacenters in the world. We’ll work collaboratively with your IT team in a focused, no-hassle way to create a solution that puts you ahead.

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