Delivering the Open Network Advantage

Open Advantage

Software Defined Networks Deliver

At Terrapin, we specialize in software defined networking and open networks. We believe in giving our customers options that help them run business smarter and more responsively. The flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a software defined network allows organizations to better control their infrastructure and costs. Software defined networks perform better, are less expensive and eliminate vendor lock-in.  SDN technology increases performance, visibility and control, and reduces capital and operational expenditures.

The Right Products for the Right Purposes

Many network service providers are locked into using technologies from a single or limited set of vendors. Terrapin Systems is vendor-agnostic and will choose the right products from a variety of vendors to create the most effective solution for your needs. Terrapin’s extensive experience in open and software defined networking results in a customized network that is optimized for your unique applications.  Customers can make changes quickly and economically as their business evolves. The result is a future-proofed network that is designed for your unique business requirements.

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