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Network and Security Monitoring

Network Security

Software defined networks contain intelligent components that can have security functionality built into their design.  Firewalls, network intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus and anti-spam, content filtering, load balancing, and reporting are all integral components of a secure network.

A comprehensive network security strategy can involve unified threat management (UTM), application identification and the use of sandbox mechanisms help to protect software defined networks from cyber threats.  Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) combine application awareness and deep packet inspection with firewall functionality, increasing security in software defined networks.

The cybersecurity infrastructure and network visibility possible through software defined network components are vitally important to protect your organization’s customer data and assets from unauthorized access and security breaches.

Security Partners

Terrapin Systems’ experienced technical team will recommend the security solution best suited to your organization’s individual needs.  Terrapin partners with security technology leaders such as Fortinet, Juniper Networks and Palo Alto Networks.