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Software Defined Datacenters

Software Defined Data Centers

Big data, computing and storage all drive the design of data centers that today rely on software defined functionality.  Hybrid cloud architecture increases a data center’s flexibility and performance and reduces overall costs by allowing workloads to flow between public cloud and private network.

Hybrid cloud architecture scales and hyperscales to support changing network demands, increasing visibility and centralized network management and lowering costs.  Network virtualization lets network managers easily manage bare metal data center hardware and software defined network resources with real time resource allocation.

As software defined data centers evolve, there is growing ecosystem of distributed storage and processing applications is evolving, such as cloud computing infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) built on OpenStack, and open source framework such as Hadoop.

Data Center Partners

Terrapin Systems is experienced in designing custom enterprise data centers built with technology from partners including Arista, Juniper Networks, Cumulus Networks, Pluribus, A10 and Big Switch.