Delivering the Open Network Advantage

The Fortinet Cloud Security Solution for Microsoft Azure streamlines security orchestration to enable IT agility in building applications without upfront CAPEX commitment.

Fortinet delivers the highly optimized solution for Microsoft Azure where applications workloads can be protected beyond native Azure security options.

Fortinet’s cloud security solution is extensible to physical, virtual, and cloud appliances with advanced security orchestration and unified threat protection. It provides more control and visibility by identifying and setting policy by user applications, device specs, IP, and network interfaces.

Fortinet supports Bring Your Own License (BYOL) so you can test drive cloud experience without upfront commitment. Fortinet is a key Microsoft Azure partner and is committed to deliver ease of management and agile security for the platform.

To learn more about the Fortinet “Security Anywhere” Azure bundle, read Fortinet’s “Security Everywhere” solution brief.