Delivering the Open Network Advantage

“Terrapin Systems provides excellent customer service for network equipment purchases.”


The telecommunications industry is known for cutting edge technology and mission-critical reliability.  The world’s telecommunications providers make continuous enhancements and upgrades to infrastructure and services.  Keeping the world connected requires ongoing investment in the most advanced, secure and reliable high-performance networking solutions.


When global telecommunications services and technology providers purchase networking hardware, the equipment orders can be immense and complex.  Partnering with a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for a reliably successful procurement can provide confidence that the order will be delivered complete and ready to meet the organization’s specific needs.

Terrapin Systems designs and provides high-performing and secure network solutions.  Terrapin’s flexible and collaborative design approach results in networks that meet your organization’s specific needs and goals.  Terrapin ensures that extremely large and complex orders of networking technology from one or multiple vendors arrive as expected, without errors in orders or bills of materials and ready for immediate deployment.

Terrapin partners with industry-leading technology providers such as Juniper Networks, Fortinet, Silver Peak, Arista, Pluribus, Cumulus, Qumulo, Palo Alto Networks, A10, Riverbed, Ansible, VMWare, Pica8 and any technology provider that will meet the specific needs of your organization.


Terrapin Systems technology expertise and excellent customer service make networking equipment procurements go smoothly.  One leading telecommunications provider commented, “Terrapin provides excellent customer service and makes large equipment purchases easy.”

Contact Terrapin Systems today to ensure that your network design and procurements are successful and meet your organization’s needs.