Delivering the Open Network Advantage

“Terrapin Systems provides the best network purchase and partnership experience.”

“Terrapin’s hands-on approach in assisting customers achieve the best solution for their needs set me up for success…I felt like I wasn’t being sold to, I was cared for…Terrapin ROCKS!”

– Kevin Hackett, Systems Engineer, NORCAL JATC


NORCAL JATC provides low voltage systems training and apprenticeship for over 2000 IBEW/NECA Sound and Communication members throughout Northern California.

When the organization decided to centralize training services at a new facility, respected Systems Engineer Kevin Hackett wanted to “get the core network infrastructure right.”


Kevin had less than eight weeks to deploy a new network and learn more about open networking and security. He contacted Juniper Networks who recommended Terrapin Systems for a high performing software defined network design and configuration. Kevin contacted Terrapin’s solutions team who immediately arranged a meeting with Terrapin’s Network Architect.

Within a week, Kevin had a quote for Juniper switches, a gateway and installation that came in below his budget and included software defined networking hardware providing a path for future growth. The design was customized to be secure, efficient and cost-effective for the organization’s specific applications. Kevin was able to work with Terrapin’s expert deployment team to configure his network and gain open networking and security expertise.


Terrapin Systems builds networks customized for every organization’s unique needs. Kevin Hackett at NORCAL JATC feels that Terrapin provided the “best network purchase and partnership experience” of his career and “set me up with a vision to succeed.”

Let Terrapin Systems make you successful with an open network that is designed for your organization’s unique needs. Terrapin can provide you with software defined network infrastructure that eliminates expensive vendor lock-in and turns your network into a competitive advantage.

Contact Terrapin Systems for a powerful, scalable and flexible open network customized for your organization’s needs.