Delivering the Open Network Advantage

Terrapin maximizes the lifetime value of IT assets by providing a simple, single, no-headache IT asset recovery and purchase transaction.

Simple, Secure, Compliant IT Asset Recovery and Trade-In

Terrapin now offers customizable IT asset recovery and trade-in solutions that maximize the value of IT assets.  Terrapin’s Technology Trade-In Program (TTTP) is a high-value, predictable, ongoing asset life-cycle management service for IT managers seeking a partner to help manage the lifetime value of their assets.  Terrapin Disposition and Recovery Program (ITAD) is a convenient, on-demand IT asset liquidation service that helps IT managers quickly and easily recycle used IT assets.

Terrapin’s Technology Trade-In Program lets IT managers apply credits from the recovery of old IT assets toward the purchase of new IT equipment through Terrapin.  This full lifecycle management program provides a predictable and dependable way for IT managers to plan and manage the lifetime value of their IT assets.  Terrapin is widely recognized for its expertise in designing a wide range of customized, vendor-neutral network solutions based on clients’ individual needs.

“Terrapin provides a simple, single, no-headache IT asset recovery and purchase transaction,” says Terrapin Systems President, Chris Becerra.  Instead of contracting vendors for disposition of old assets and multiple suppliers for the purchase of each brand of new equipment, Terrapin provides a single point of contact for the disposition of old and the purchase of new IT assets.  Unlike many other asset recovery providers, Terrapin accepts all brands of routers, switches, servers, PC’s, laptops, monitors and macs.

IT assets can be picked up within 24 hours, and asset recovery complies with EPA, federal, state, local and vertical industry regulations.  Degaussing, erasure and physical shredding of data bearing devices can be done onsite or offsite at a secure location.  Asset removal adheres to strict chain-of-custody from pickup-to disposal with serialized SKU-based asset tracking and reports.  All recycling strictly adheres to R2 or e-Stewards recycling standards.  Data sanitation and destruction services comply with DoD and NIST SP 800-88.  Certification of disposition and destruction is provided within one week.

Terrapin partners with the leaders software defined networks including Juniper Networks, Silver Peak, Arista Networks, Fortinet, Pluribus Networks, Big Switch, A10, Cumulus Networks, Quanta QCT, Qumulo, Riverbed, VMWare, Palo Alto Networks, Ansible and Pica8.  Terrapin designs high-performing, secure, flexible and scalable software defined networks that are efficient, cost-effective and eliminate expensive vendor lock-in.