Delivering the Open Network Advantage

“Terrapin Systems knows exactly what they are doing – they met all of my expectations 100% and made this the easiest network installation I’ve ever experienced.”

– Bill Teeple, Director, Information Technology, Virtual Instruments


Virtual Instruments is a leader in network Performance Management, servicing customers’ mission-critical workload on physical, virtual or cloud computing infrastructure. They have helped solve performance and availability issues in more than 350 of the world’s most recognized organizations. Their commitment to their customers’ success drives award-winning product development and high-value services.

When Virtual Instruments’ Juniper Networks installation through their initial VAR did not meet their project criteria, Juniper recommended Terrapin Systems as an excellent source for Juniper technology and expertise. Virtual Instruments’ Director of Information Technology, Bill Teeple, contacted Terrapin to complete and help manage the installation. Bill feels that Terrapin, ”did the preparation necessary, knew exactly the proper hardware required and did due diligence to complete the project and bring it to fruition.” Bill says that, “Terrapin met my expectations 100% and made this the easiest implementation I’ve ever experienced.”

Terrapin Systems builds networks customized for every organization’s unique needs. Bill Teeple at Virtual Instruments recognizes that “Terrapin Systems knows exactly what they are doing” in deploying open software defined networks.
Let Terrapin Systems make you successful with an open network that is designed for your organization’s unique needs. Terrapin can provide you with software defined network infrastructure that eliminates expensive vendor lock-in and turns your network into a competitive advantage.

Contact Terrapin Systems for a powerful, scalable and flexible open network customized for your organization’s needs.